Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fight terrorists with... Feces?

From Ma'an (in bold are my comments):

One Palestinian man was injured on Sunday and two others were reported missing after Egyptian authorities pumped sewage inside a Rafah smuggling tunnel running underneath the border with the Gaza Strip, medics said.
Normally, if Israel did this, this would get international attention, and the U.N. would hold a few emergency meetings to condemn Israel and to state that this is the obstacle to peace, and not the Hamas charter which calls for Israel's destruction. But since it's Egypt doing it, Egypt gets immunity from the international community - all in good faith.
Palestinian medical sources told Ma’an that a tunnel worker was hurt and two others went missing inside the Rafah tunnel as a result of sewage pumped in from the Egyptian side.
Two Palestinians were killed and three others injured on Saturday after a gas canister exploded in a smuggling tunnel in the southern Gaza Strip, medics said.
Egyptian security officials said in early September that they were cracking down on the network of tunnels used by smugglers from the coastal enclave.
Once again, if Israel would do such an outrageous act and crack down on tunnels which help smuggle weapons into Gaza, the international community would condemn Israel for this outrageous act.  But as long as Egypt is doing it, it's all good.
Medics say over 160 Palestinians have died in the network of underground tunnels since Israel imposed a siege on the Gaza Strip in 2006, which was deemed legal by the U.N. Palmer Report as a result of Hamas' attempts at destroying Israel and constant barrage of missile attacks into Israel.  Still, it is a shame that Israel would dare to cripple their beautiful culture - this is clear racism and Apartheid.
Under Israel's crippling blockade, the tunnels have provided a lifeline for residents of the coastal enclave. Of course, if Hamas and Gazans choose to reject terrorism and live in peace with Israel, then there'd be no need for a blockade. That's what is so awesome about blockades and security fences and checkpoints - when the need is gone, they can be removed!
Egypt's reopening of the Rafah border eased the impact of the siege for some residents, who were able to leave Gaza freely for the first time in years.  Still, it is important to note, that all the years Egypt did not have the Rafah border open, the international community would not dare to condemn Egypt for this, but rather talk only about Israel.

U.N. To do list:
Condemn Israel: Check
Condemn Israel: Check
Condemn Israel: Check
Condemn Israel: To do
Condemn Israel: To do
Condemn Israel: To do
Condemn Israel: To do
Well, now we know, if Israel wants to get rid of terrorists, just dump sewage on them.

Oh wait no, I forgot, Israel would just get condemned for doing that.  Instead, Israel should secretly tell Egpyt to do that - I'm sure that after their latest embassy attack they'd be more than willing to do that!

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