Sunday, October 9, 2011

Double standards in vandalism: Mosques vs Synagogues

Jonothan S. Tobin:

The arson attack against a mosque in the village of Tuba Zanghariya in Northern Israel has been widely condemned throughout the world. Israel’s government and the Jewish state’s president also condemned the despicable incident, which has garnered wide attention in the international press, and both of its chief rabbis have gone to the mosque to express their sorrow.
But a Jaffa synagogue that was struck by a Molotov cocktail on Saturday after Arab protests against the Netanyahu government cannot expect the same solicitude. Nor should we anticipate a similar outpouring from Palestinian Authority figures after swastikas were painted on the Jewish shrine of the Tomb of Joseph in Nablus last week.

The willingness of a tiny minority of Israelis to engage in violence against Arabs is reprehensible. The so-called “price tag” assaults on Arab targets in the West Bank are an outrage and have rightly engendered a full-scale effort from Israeli police and military officials to find and prosecute the perpetrators. But the fact Arab violence against Jewish targets is not considered worthy of much indignation is of great concern.
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The shock and outrage that the Israeli community has sent when dealing with these "price tags" and vandalism against mosques shows that Israel has no tolerance for thugs who do that, and it is shocking that this has happened.  Those who did it will be put to justice.  But by contrast, the periodic vandalism from Arabs warrants no international condemnation, no apology from the Palestinian Authority to Palestinians, and often not even to Israelis unless they're urged to (Abbas and other Palestinians even had the nerve to say that Palestinains couldn't have done the Fogel family murder, it's not representative of the Palestinians, and then a few weeks later they found out it was Palestinians indeed who did it), and instead, you get chants of "We'll Fogel you."

Why doesn't the world say anything about this?  If you're going report about one, then report on the other.  And make sure it's clear that Israel has no tolerance for this vandalism, as opposed to the Palestinians praising violence and martyrdom and the PA expressing no apology over vandalism or attacks.

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