Sunday, December 4, 2011

PA and Erekat reject direct talks with Israel

Check out this JPost article, about how Erekat recently remarked that he is rejecting direct talks with Israel, since the Quartet didn't ask for direct talks.

Actually, the Quartet did ask for direct talks.  But when the PA refused even that, the Quartet despaired, and said that each side should submit their own proposal individually.

You can see why Israel would never want to do that - how can you give in proposals on borders and security without knowing what the other side is willing to negotiate over?? It's preposterous!

You can't have peace without direct negotiations.  We had direct talks with Egypt and Jordan, and we got piece.  We didn't have foreign intervention.  And that's really the end of it. 

And true, in both cases, both sides were willing to create peace.  In this case, we see 40 years of Palestinian intransigence.

In that article, Erekat rejects direct talks with Israel.

Erekat whines some more, then complains, and then finally, has an expression of utter shock when he discovers the U.S. has called for *gasp* direct negotiations.

Who can blame him? Direct negotiations are such a concept! It's a far too radical concept! Direct negotiations, could, gasp, possibly lead to peace! And if not, it would probably be, gasp, the fault of the PA (ex: Camp David in 2000, or Olmert's offer in 2008).

How can a country actually expect the Palestinians to make peace??? It contradicts the PA's most basic tenets! This is a hard slap in the face to the PA, and is completely uncalled for!

And yes, that is sarcasm.

Check out this poster I created for the occassion - feel free to use it (with credit please).

NOTE: While all three images may appear to be seperate images, they are actually one image, and they are the same file.  They have a transparent seperation between them.