Sunday, October 9, 2011

65.6% of Ma'an readers are anti-peace talks

Ma'an News Agency (a Palestinian media outlet) has a poll on the right side of their website that says:

Peace talks with Israel are:
Essential to achieving statehood
Counterproductive, power imbalance too great
Necessary, but only with unbiased mediators
The answers goes as follows:

Essential to achieving statehood -89 (23.2%)

Counterproductive, power imbalance too great  - 252 (65.6%)

Necessary, but only with unbiased mediators - 43 (11.2%)

I can't really tell the difference between the first and third option, so I'll count them together as a total of 34.4%.

That still leaves 65.% of Ma'an readers believing that peace talks are counterproductive.  Ah, because you know, peace talks between the two parties that will have to live together in any final agreement are somehow counterproductive.  So what's productive? I can only assume bypassing these peace talks, violating the Oslo Accords, and following their plan of unilateral statehood bid at the U.N.

The U.N. can't make a state.  The U.N., over the past few decades, has lost every shred of legitimacy, and most people will tell you that.  But when it comes to Israel... OH!!! All of a sudden you have people shouting at you "Resolution BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH."  The U.N. won't be the ones who will be forced to make peace with the Palestinians.  It's the Palestinians and Israelis who will have to live side by side.  Netanyahu has been speaking on Arabic media to ensure Arabs that the Israelis are prepared to make peace.  But Abbas, and the Palestinians, don't care for talking with their Israeli neighbors, but would prefer to bypass this.

Because direct peace talks would have to lead to a final agreement.  Something no Palestinian leader has been prepared to do.  Oslo? Sure, it's an interim agreement.  That's perfectly fine.  But a final agreement to end the conflict which still leaves Israel standing? No way.

I have attached a picture of the poll:

Let the world remember this poll when they complain that there is a lack of peace.  Let them know who is causing it.  Let them know who opposes peace.

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