Tuesday, November 15, 2011

French accuse and Israel responds

I recently wrote a post about an IAF targetting of a Hamas cell responsible for shooting rockets into Israel which lightly injured the French consul to Gaza.  I commented on the ridiculous hypocrisy, and the ridiculous nature of the French government.  The post can be viewed here.

Israel decided to respond too.

According to Israel’s clarification regarding Monday’s airstrike, the windows of the home of Majdi Shakoura, a Gaza resident who holds a French passport, were shattered by the blast, and he and another family member were lightly hurt by flying shards.

“We are obviously sorry for the light injuries incurred by the family, but the target of the attack, quite far away from their home, was a Hamas cell responsible for shooting rockets on Israeli civilians who suffer much more serious injuries – and even death – when Hamas rockets are fired,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor.

One Israeli official wondered aloud about the “disproportional nature” of the French response.

“Thousands of Israelis suffer injuries that are similar or much worse during rocket attacks from Gaza, and they don’t draw the same sympathetic remarks from the French that were elicited by this single family, who suffered very light injuries,” the official said.

In October, 52 rockets and six mortar shells were fired into Israel. The IDF said it would not tolerate continued rocket fire against Israeli cities and that Hamas would be held responsible for such attacks.

It is true.  When has France - or any other country in the world - condemned each rocket launched into Israel? When have they condemned the murder of Israelis, whether it was by rocket or by bomb?  Oh, but a French consul in Gaza is lightly injured in response to a Hamas cell firing rockets at Israel immediately gets condemnation.

Old sentiments from the Dreyfuss Affair still haven't faded out? That's unfortunate.  Although without the Dreyfuss Affair, modern-day Zionism would not exist.

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