Friday, November 11, 2011

Anti-Humanitarian Flotidiots Whine

Jonothan Kay, National Post:

Foremost among these is David Heap, a University of Western Ontario faculty member who claims to have been “tasered” and “bruised” as Israeli soldiers hauled his unco-operative self from the high seas. From the title of the article he wrote for the left-wing site — “I write from cell 9 in the Apartheid State of Israel” — you would think he was Martin Luther King with a Twitter account, penning manifestos from a Birmingham jail. But even by his own morally self-aggrandizing account, he is “basically ok” after his high-seas experience.
But “basically ok” doesn’t get you on the front pages. So now a Toronto Star writer has gassed out the story for another day by reporting that Heap’s friends and family are “outraged,” “scared” and “worried” by his “brutal” treatment.
No one else in Canada seems to care much, though: Even among protest junkies, flotilla theatrics now play a distant second to the ongoing Occupy phenomenon. In fact, as far as “brutality” goes, the troops who ushered Heap into Israel don’t have a stitch on cops in Oakland.
“Outraged,” “scared” and “worried” would be good words to describe our thoughts about captured activists who did something that was actually brave and useful — like bringing aid to protesters in, say, Syria, just a few hundred kilometers up the Mediterranean coast. Instead, Heap and his friends set their compass for a confrontation with the Israeli Defense Forces, the most humane and professional military in the Middle East. And their only real punishment for trying to bring material goods to a terrorist-controlled regime in Gaza is to spend a few days in climate-controlled, Internet-equipped Israeli jails complaining about their ordeal to journalist pals back home.
Mr. Heap’s whining campaign isn’t nearly as dangerous as the tactics used by other activists, but it certainly is far more annoying.
These so-called "peace activists" and "Free Gaza humanitarian activists" really don't care about human rights.  If they did, then they wouldn't be sending a flotilla to Israel to protest the legitimate blockade (see Palmer Report) on the terrorist organization Hamas.  Instead, they would be sending a flotilla to protest Hamas' bombardment of rockets into Israel, ruining life for the million Israelis living in southern Israel.

If they really cared about human rights, as they claim by strapping the words "humanitarian" and "peace" to their name, they would be protesting Hamas' cruel and repressive treatment of Palestinians in Gaza.  If you're a Fatah member in Gaza, you don't stand a chance of surviving.  If you disagree with Hamas, expect a visit.  And if you dare criticize Hamas, off with your head.

If they really cared about human rights, they would've sent a flotilla to Turkey, where just a week beforehand, an earthquake shook Turkey and devastated the lives of hundreds.  If they really cared, they would've sent aid to Turkey, instead of trying to provoke Israel's legitimate blockade.

If they really cared about human rights, they would've sent a flotilla to Syria to help the protestors who are just fighting for "freedom" from Dictator Assad's rule.  But they didn't.

Oh, and if they really cared about the Palestinians in Gaza, they would've carried aid on their ship.  The IDF reported that they did not.  Which leads us to question - did they care about the Palestinians at all, as  they claim, or did they just hate Israel so much out of baseless hatred that they wanted a confrontation?

You decide.

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