Saturday, November 19, 2011

Children's Cartoons from Hamas: Internet Hasbara

This video is not a recent one, but it is worth showing anyways


This short clip is a very good portrayal of the anti-Semitic cartoons that Hamas frequently shows on T.V. (and yes, PA television also shows anti-Semitic cartoons and incites hatred).

Now, I used the term Hasbara (or very good and clear pro-Israel advocacy) in my title for two reasons:  The first one is obviously the clip.  Now, Jon Stewart didn't do this with a Hasbara intention, but rather because it is a comedic clip representing what is shown on Hamas television.  The second reason is due to some of the comments on that clip.  See the screenshot below.

As expected, the anti-Israel crowd immediately tried to justify these cartoons, throwing out blatant lies about how it's on par with Israeli actions, etc.  I show in this screenshot two comments (although there are many others) that basically send a smack in the face to the anti-Israel crowd.  They point out their hypocrisy by using a concise, but very clear, and very strong, message.  Good job.

Here is another screenshot illustrating that point too.

And he's exactly right.

For those of you wondering what are the clips that the person "Asaf Schreiber" links to, I've embedded them below.

I also embedded and discussed the above video in this post about UNRWA.

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