Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ma'an: Terrorists in Israeli jails; Barghouti is a "charismatic activist"

Ma'an reported on the Hamas-Israel deal to release Gilad Schalit.  Here is an excerpt about what struck my eye:
There are at least 6,000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. They are regarded as heroes in their struggle against Israeli occupation and quest for statehood.

Ma'an isn't an Israeli media outlet.  It's a Palestinian media outlet - and if they say that terrorists in Israeli prison are regarded as heroes by other Palestinians, you can be pretty confident that's a fact.

Why isn't the UNHRC doing anything about this?  Why isn't the media waking up and reporting about this? About the fact that Palestinians view terrorists in Israeli prison as heroes - that terrorism against Israel is heroic.

The wife of Marwan Barghouti, a charismatic activist seen as a future Palestinian leader, told Reuters in the West Bank that she was eagerly awaiting word that he will be included in the prisoner swap.
Turns out he's not on the list (perhaps because he's Fatah, and Hamas doesn't have a liking for Fatah).  But how does Ma'an describe him? "A charismatic activist seen as a future Palestinian leader."

Yeah... Ma'an doesn't mention that while he first believed in a peace process, he now rejects the idea, was a key leader in the First and Second Intifada, and is regarded as the key figure behind the Second Intifada. 

And Ma'an informs us that such a person - who was the leader behind the bloody intifadas - is seen as a future leader for the Palestinians.  That the Palestinians view such a person as a future leader.  The Second Intifada, according to notoriously leftist group B'tselem, took the lives of 1,053 Israelis by Palestinians, 4,475 Palestinians by Israeli army, and 575 Palestinians killed by other Palestinians.

Has Ma'an forgotten he is the head of Tanzim - a militant faction of Fatah which uses armed "resistance?"

Have they forgotten that he was charged with the murder of Israelis?

But that's exactly what makes Palestinians want him so badly as a future leader.


Sure.  When they reject terrorism and intifadas.  Only then can you expect a realistic, viable peace.

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