Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Welcome home Gilad!

Gilad Schalit is returning home!  Check out these links for more info.
Excerpt from last article:

Abu Attaya, spokesman of the Popular Resistance Committees, whose fighters joined Hamas in the capture of Shalit, said militants would kidnap more Israeli soldiers until all Palestinian prisoners are freed.

"The coming weeks and month will witness more responses and more, similar operations. We will continue the same path to kidnap Zionist soldiers in order to clear all prisons," the masked spokesman said, clutching an AK 47 assault rifle.
"Today the resistance talks," an activist cried over the loudspeaker of one mosque. "Today the enemy submitted to our demands and that was just the start."
This deal has its goods and its bads.  The good being that Gilad Schalit is coming home.  The bad being that 1000 terrorists are now free to kidnap more soldiers and plant bombs and committ terrorist acts.  Hopefully, Israel's security will prevent these attacks.  This is a tough time period, and it is impossible to predict what will come next.

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