Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We're rounding them up already!

After we just released 400+ terrorists, we've begun to round up some already!

An IDF force from the Kfir Brigade prevented a stabbing attack in the bloc of West Bank settlements called Gush Etzion by a Palestinian woman in her twenties Wednesday.

The Palestinian woman arrived at the the Gush Etzion Junction Wednesday afternoon and crossed the road, approaching soldiers and Israeli civilians standing at a bus stop. She then brandished a knife and ran towards the soldiers and civilians, screaming "Allahu Akhbar" and "Death to Jews," Channel 10 reported.

One of the soldiers at the junction who identified the situation as a possible attack pointed his weapon at the woman and shouted in Arabic for her to stop. The woman dropped the knife and dropped to the ground.

Soldiers detained the woman and she was subsequently arrested. No injuries were reported in the incident. According to the report, the woman told security forces who arrived on the scene that she had come to the junction with the intention of stabbing soldiers. She had waited until the release of Palestinian prisoners in the Gilad Schalit deal before attempting to carry out the attack.

There are a few possibilities about why this happened:

  1. She was informed by one of her released terrorist relatives about the great treatment in Israeli jail (aka 4 star hotels), and how you can go there just for killing some Jews.  This immediately grabbed her attention.
  2. She wanted to kill Jews anyways, and attempted to do so, but failed.
  3. All of the above.
Now's a great time to start implementing the death penalty on terrorists.

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