Sunday, October 9, 2011

Clashes in Itamar

Ynet news:
The settlers claimed that the Palestinians shouted "We'll Fogel you" and drew their fingers across their necks indicating slaughter.  

Dozens of women and children from Itamar protested against the move, including Tamar Fogel who lost her parents and three siblings in the heinous terror attack. Several settlers threw rocks at Palestinians, one was lightly wounded. Security forces separated the two sides.

Itamar residents against Awarta harvesters (Photo: Samaria Settlers' Committee) 
According to Itamar settlers, during last year's harvest, Hakim Awad entered the settlement and gathered information ahead of the massacre. "This is an abominable case of insensitivity," they said, "In previous years yeshiva students harvested the olives for the Palestinians and transferred them to Awarta's residents free of charge.
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Ma'an also reports on this:

Benny Katsover, head of the committee representing settlers in the northern West Bank, said the army had allowed the Palestinians to pick olives from a grove next to the settlement's boundary which belonged to the Awwad family.

"It is an absolute scandal to allow these Palestinians to come so close to Itamar, above all when we are talking about the family of those murderers who killed the Fogel family," he told AFP.

"Once again, the army is putting the lives of Itamar residents in danger," he said.

Twelve-year-old Tamar Fogel, who lost her parents, two younger brothers aged 11 and 4, and her three-month-old baby sister in the attack, was one of those who went out to confront the farmers, he said.

David Haivri, a spokesman for settlers in the northern West Bank area, accused the farmers of attacking the demonstrators.

"The Palestinians threw stones at the demonstrators and shouted death threats at them, saying: 'We'll do the same to you as to the Fogels'," he said in a statement emailed to AFP.
An Israeli army spokeswoman said one Palestinian had been injured in clashes which erupted with settlers near Itamar.

"It's the start of the olive picking season so there were clashes," she said. "We dispersed the clashes, and now the Palestinians are being allowed to pick olives with the force securing them."

It's enough that relatives of the Palestinians who brutally massacred a family while they were sleeping, including their infants and slitting their throats, and showing no remorse for what they did, went to Itamar to pick olive trees, knowing how the settlers would take it.  After all, it is a way to gather information about the settlement for preparation for a future attack.  But they're entitled to do so, so they did it.

But more importantly, the fact that they shouted "We'll Fogel you" shows that they praise the murder and would love to see it happen again.  They're not shouting "Please, we just want to get along and pick our olive trees, all right?" They're shouting for murder.

Peace?  These look like people interested in peace?  You can't claim that the murderers of the Fogel family were rare exceptions, when you already have two intifadas, tons of terrorist attacks against Israel, and Palestinians who are asking to repeat it.

Check out my previous post for a Ma'an poll which shows most Palestinians view peace talks between both sides as counter-productive.

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