Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Great Big Palestinian Lie

It just so happened that all our posts today so far deal with lies, anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, and Protocols of the Elder of Ziyon.

This is a great, short video by Pat Condell that explains the great Palestinian lie.

From his "show more" information tab on his video:
It's not about Israel. It's about Jews.

What really happened in the Middle East

The truth about the peace process

Zaki admits wiping out Israel is the main goal

Abbas calls for an Arab invasion of Israel

The Oslo Accords are dead, and the Palestinians killed them

Arab children brainwashed to hate Jews

Muslim cleric teaches children to hate Jews

Syrian official: "Jews are apes and pigs"

Hamas MP: Jews were brought to Palestine for the "Great Massacre"

UAE professor says Jews in one place for easy killing

Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem

Major Anti-Semitic Motifs in Arab Cartoons

A few other good videos (there are plenty more):

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