Monday, October 17, 2011

Ilan Grapel to be released soon

Ilan Grapel, a dual US-Israeli national who is held in Cairo on espionage charges, will likely be released on Monday or Tuesday via the Taba border crossing to Eilat, Egyptian sources said.

On Sunday, Egyptian newspaper al-Ahram reported that Grapel will be released in exchange for 81 Egyptian prisoners as part of a deal between Jerusalem and Cairo.

According to the paper, the deal for Grapel's release was inspired by the success of the Egyptian mediation between Israel and Hamas on the Gilad Shalit issue and Israel's apology over the deaths of five Egyptian officers on the border.

Grapel, who was arrested last June, was charged with incitement and espionage last Tuesday. He was also accused of encouraging locals to burn government buildings.

He had been traveling in Egypt at the time of the popular revolution. Local media claimed Grapel was a Mossad agent.

Earlier this month, a senior Egyptian element admitted that Grapel was not a spy.
I have a much better idea.  Since Ilan Grapel is not a spy, that means he was imprisoned randomly - either because he's a Jew, or so they can get 81 prisoners out of Israel.  Grapel hasn't been charged with a crime, and hasn't done any crime.  Legally, Egypt is required to release him - and it's just wrong for Israel to consent to any other agreement.  Without starting a fight, if Egypt says "No," then Israel should call in America, or take it to the U.N., in order to resolve it.

And hey, maybe America will release Jonothan Pollard then, as about every top official is asking for that to happen...  He's served 25+ years for a 2 year sentence for spying for a friendly country...

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