Sunday, October 9, 2011

Copts clash with Cairo police

Cairo (CNN) -- Egyptian Prime Minister Essam Sharaf said Monday that clashes hours earlier between army forces and pro-Coptic Christian protesters had "brought us back" to the tense, violent period at the onset of the recent revolution.
"Instead of going forward, we found ourselves scrambling for security," Sharaf said on state television in an early morning speech, noting that the incident had produced "martyrs, both civilian and from the military."
The bloodshed in Cairo occurred just over a week after the burning of a Coptic Christian church in southern Egypt. The burning prompted the Sunday protest demanding equality and protection of Coptic places of worship.
Dr. Sheriff Doss, the head of Egypt's chief association of Coptics, said 17 civilians died and 40 were injured.
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Ooh, and since March, 93,000 Copts have fled Egypt.

The Arab Spring at its best!

More like the Reign of Terror...

Thousands of protesters march in Cairo on Sunday, more than a week after the burning of a Coptic Christian church.

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