Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mahmoud Abbas - leader of Palestine?

Another great video by FreeMiddleEast!

Israel Online Ambassadors has issued a call to action:

Israel seems to care more about the Palestinians than Mahmoud Abbas does!
How can he even think of a unity government with such a vicious group like Hamas. Not only did they kidnap Gilad Shalit and torture him, look at how they treat their very own people!
1. Post this video on your walls. It is time we take the offensive against Abbas who has been prancing around the world stage attacking Israel. This is a small step, but it is a first step. EVERYONE share it on their wall.
2. Email this video to the world. More importantly, share it with your elected official. If you are in the United State, find their information here:
3. Choose a news organization and write a letter sending this video and explaining why Mahmoud Abbas's theatrics are hiding a vicious regime hurting not only Israelis but also Palestinians.

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