Monday, October 24, 2011

A Jerusalem Youth is Stabbed

One of my friends is this victim's cousin.

In [ ___ ] is my own comment in the article.


Police suspect that the stabbing of a 17-year-old in the Ramot neighborhood of Jerusalem yesterday afternoon was done by a Palestinian, and a manhunt is underway for the attacker. The youth was taken to Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, in serious condition.
The youth, Yehuda Ne'emad, lives in one of the streets near the area where the stabbing took place. At about 3:30 P.M., he and a friend from the neighborhood were sitting on a stone fence that divides Ramot from the West Bank village of Beit Iksa. The friend, A., said that suddenly a person came from behind them and began stabbing Ne'emad. A. said the attacker tried to stab him too but he managed to evade him and ran toward the neighborhood.
"He [Ne'emad] told me: keep running. And he yelled out that he was in pain," A. said. "The attacker chased me but then he saw people coming ahead of him, which made him turn around and head for Jerusalem Forest, into the nearby wadi."
... IDF in Beit Iksa - Tomer Appelbaum - October 2011The youth was operated on and doctors managed to stabilize his condition. His injuries are not life-threatening.
Ya'akov, the victim's father, said: "My younger son came and told me that Yehuda had been stabbed. These are good kids and this is a quiet neighborhood. You don't expect this to happen in this neighborhood. It caused a great scare but we are dealing with it and praying for his recovery."
The right-wing [normal, sane] parties claimed yesterday that the stabbing in Jerusalem, as well as the arson in the Galilee and the attempted terrorist attack on Gush Etzion last week, are the result of the Israeli "capitulation" to Hamas, and last week's release of hundreds of security prisoners as part of the deal for freeing Gilad Shalit [indeed, it has definitely motivated them, but one should keep in mind, these terrorist attacks have happened before and will always happen - it is merely the release of 1000 terrorists that is motivating it now].
MK Danny Danon (Likud ) said: "This despicable attack is an example of the Palestinians' culture of terrorism. We must find the terrorist and destroy his home. Only a firm response will succeed in stopping these events in the future.
"Following the generosity [shown] in the Shalit deal, the time has come to show determination in containing terrorism, and I turn to the prime minister in order to take action in razing the homes of terrorists," he added.
MK Aryeh Eldad (National Union ) echoed Danon's comments. "We are witnessing a new wave of terrorism, which stems from the encouragement of such actions. This resulted from the release of hundreds of murderous terrorists," he said.
Eldad added that he wanted to see Israel "quickly restoring the deterrent against Hamas by killing its leaders in Gaza, and first [Ahmed] Ja'abari - who had Gilad Shalit [kidnapped]. Only action now - and not in response to an attack with many victims - will be able to fend off the anticipated wave of terrorism and save lives."

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