Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vandalism on Safed Synagogues

Two 16-year-old teens were arrested in suspicion of spraying slogans reading "death to Jews" on four synagogues and vehicles in Safed.

During their investigation, the two admitted committing the acts and claimed they did it to protest the mosque arson in Tuba Zangaria. The two will be brought in front of a judge on Thursday for a remand hearing.

That's called "price tag."

Maybe I have terrible hearing... But I just can't seem to hear the world shouting over this.  I can't seem to hear the UN Human Rights Commission screaming about this either.  I don't see any op-Eds on Ha'aretz condemning the attack and trying to alert us to this trend of terrorism.

Ooops! Just re-read the Ynet article. It appears that a Jewish holy site was vandalized - NOT a Muslim/Palestinian holy site.  In that case, it is apparent the world won't care one bit, nor will Abbas issue any condemnation or visit the synagogue or meet with their leaders (as President Peres met with leaders of the Muslim community, visited the mosque, and other top officials, including Prime Minister Netanyahu, deeply condemned the attack, and saying justice will be delivered).

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