Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Human Rights In Iran? What a Joke!

Foreign Policy:
A forthcoming U.N. report, obtained by Foreign Policy in advance of its publication later this week, condemns the Iranian regime for wide-ranging human right abuses, including the secret killings of hundreds of prisoners under mysterious circumstances.

The report, compiled by Ahmed Shaheed, the new U.N. "Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran," makes for dismal reading: a compendium of violations of basic rights ranging from lack of free expression and assembly to summary executions and torture of detainees.
Iran's authoritarian rulers have abused their people for centuries; thousands died during and in the immediate aftermath of the 1979 revolution. The picture improved somewhat under the 1997-2005 presidency of Mohammad Khatami but has darkened again in recent years.
Read the rest here.

I'm sure that A-Jad (Ahmadinejad) is just bawling and crying his heart out over this.

"Me? Iran? What???? We're a democracy!!!! True, the election was rigged... And yes, if you criticize us, we kill you.  Or if you're an infidel... Or apostate...  And we torture... And I'm a wacko... But other than that, how are we not a democracy???" (what A-Jad is thinking)

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