Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jerusalem kindergarten shut down - fear it would turn into Hamas terror hub


The Ahmed Sameh kindergarten in Jerusalem's Abu Tor neighborhood will not open this year, parents have learned. The kindergarten had remained closed for the first month of the school year under orders from Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino, who cited security reasons for the move.
Yohanan Danino - Daniel Bar-On - September 2011
Yohanan Donino, Photo: Daniel Bar-On
Parents were informed of the problem only days before the school year was to start, when they found the building's gate welded shut and a closure order posted. The order stated that intelligence information showed there was a reasonable concern that the Najat association, which has been running the kindergarten for five years, would turn the building into a hub for Hamas terror activities.
Well that's just great!  Kindergartens turning into Hamas terror activities.

Schools in the Gaza Strip - especially those of UNRWA (surprise! A U.N. organization teaching hatred towards Israel!) - are breeding grounds and even teach terrorism to schoolchildren there.  As explained here, here, and here.

And in this video of many:

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