Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Resolution against Syria fails in the U.N. - More loss of legitimacy

Most people around the world believe that the U.N. had good intentions when it was formed, but quickly became a corrupt organization dominated by Arab, communist, and dictatorship countries, with human rights abusers like Qaddafi on their Human Rights Council.

And now, you can't even get a resolution condemning Syria's brutal massacre of thousands of Syrians to pass in the U.N.  How much more legitimacy much the U.N. reach until major reform occurs?


UNITED NATIONS - Russia and China joined forces on Tuesday to veto a European-drafted UN Security Council resolution condemning Syria and hinting that it could face sanctions if it continues its crackdown on protesters.

The resolution received nine votes in favor and four abstentions from Brazil, India, Lebanon and South Africa. Russia and China cast the only votes against the resolution, which was drafted by France with the cooperation of Britain, Germany and Portugal.

"We cannot today doubt the meaning of this veto of this text," French UN Ambassador Gerard Araud told the 15-nation council. "This is not a matter of wording. It is a political choice. It is a refusal of all resolutions of the council against Syria."
"This veto will not stop us," he added. "No veto can give carte blanche to the Syrian authorities."
Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told the council that Moscow's veto reflected "a conflict of political approaches" between Russia and the European council members.

Churkin said that Moscow was firmly opposed to the threat of sanctions against Damascus, adding that what he described as the confrontational approach of the European delegations was "against the peaceful settlement of the crisis."

He reiterated his concerns that passing the European resolution on Syria could have opened the door to a Libya-style military intervention in the Syrian authorities' six-month crackdown on anti-government demonstrations there.

Churkin added, however, that Moscow would prefer it if Syria was "quicker with implementing the promised changes." He was referring to Syrian President Bashar Assad's promised democratic reforms.
Hmm... Somehow I think that this "peaceful settlement of the crisis" will only emerge after Assad murders all his citizens...

And didn't Russia witness the signing of the Oslo Accord?  How can they vote in favor of a Palestinian unilateral declaration of independence which would violate the Oslo Accords and would destroy the peace process?  One thing in Syria, one thing in Israel...
Chinese Ambassador Li Baodong said that Beijing opposed the idea of "interference in [Syria's] internal affairs."
By that standard, I'd expect them not to be in favor of a Palestinian statehood bid, which also would destroy the peace process and violate the Oslo Accords and not lead to any peace...  After all, they should prefer not to interfere in Israel's internal affairs.  Yet they support a Palestinian statehood bid...

Russia and China's support of a Palestinian statehood bid really isn't that surprising given their political views and past history.
The decision by Russia and China to use their veto power indicates that the Security Council might be stuck in a longer-term deadlock on issues related to the Middle East and the Arab Spring pro-democracy movements in the region, Western diplomats told Reuters.

For months, Russia, China, Brazil, India and South Africa -- the "BRICS" countries -- have criticized the United States and European council members for allegedly allowing NATO to overstep its Security Council mandate to protect civilians in Libya.

No BRICS country supported the Syria resolution.

The failed resolution, which was drawn up by France in cooperation with Britain, Germany and Portugal, was a watered-down version of previous drafts that had threatened Syria with sanctions if it ignored international demands that it halt its crackdown on pro-democracy protesters.

Later drafts removed the word sanctions, though this was not enough to satisfy Russia and China.

The United Nations says Syrian military operations against demonstrators have killed at least 2,700 civilians.
Most death counts raise the number a lot.  But 2,700 civilians to me is more than enough to pass a resolution - which really means utterly nothing in the U.N. - against Syria. 

But of course, a cruel dictator massacring thousands of citizens doesn't get condemnation.  But a steep reduction in suicide bombings against Israel as a result of the security fence (96% fence, 4% wall, as a result of Second Intifada and hundreds of terrorist attacks and Israeli casualties, and can be removed when there is peace and Palestinians reject terrorism) gets condemnation.

Crazy world we live in...

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