Friday, October 7, 2011

Hezbollah believes they can crush Israel

Palestine Press:

Beirut - Palestine Press - Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem, Israel is concerned, while the Islamic resistance of his own party was not concerned, after the creation of the resistance that has to face the 'Israel' in the event of attempted assault on Lebanon.
 Kassem said in a speech during the celebration of education on Friday he called for those who (want to relieve Israel of the resistance) - 'will not Tertahawwa of Israel, the resistance will relax from the resistance, and better for you to reconsider your accounts in'. 
He called for a far from feeble stand and stop the fear of America and Europe and the international community, calling on outward appearances the courage to confront the international community practices of Israel and its occupation of the land and rape and murder of children and women, war and ongoing threats, possessing a nuclear bomb.
And indicating that 'WikiLeaks' revealed that America is not Mtoddan no respect for them, asking them to stop linking everything to accept or reject America, and listen only to the interests of Lebanon.
Yes, their English is pathetic (it's actually Google Translate, since their articles are written in Arabic).

But just remember boys and girls, these are peace-loving doves and Israel is the only obstacle to peace!  Literally.  The existence of Israel is the obstacle to peace, since it's about all of Israel.  And you'd have to be a mad lunatic fool (Ahmadinejad) to think Israel should just dissolve themselves, have 5.8 million Jews flee the country, be prepared not to be accepted into any Arab country and be prepared not to be allowed to return to their homes since millions were expelled in the Jewish Nakba, be prepared to not be accepted in other non-Arab countries, and be prepared to face anti-Semitism in the few countries that do accept them.

Then, just as they think they're having it good, they should be prepared for Hitler II to rise and completely brainwash their country and start Holocaust II.

Because as every anti-Israel person knows, the complete and utter destruction of Israel would lead to persecution of Jews for ages outside of Israel.  And that's precisely what so many want.

Including Hezbollah.  They couldn't care less whether Israel is destroyed or not.  Their leader said a while back that he hopes all the Jews from the world will gather into Israel so he can kill them at once and doesn't have to hunt them down.

It appears in this article that they think they can defeat Israel.  Well, everyone's allowed to have wishes and dreams.  The Arab countries - massively bigger than Israel - thought this in 1948 when they attacked the 1 day old country without a unified army, and in 1967.  Egypt and Syria thought this in 1973 too.

Perhaps they think that because Israel pulled out of the Lebanon war in 2006 - most likely because the international community was condemning the fact they were responding to missiles pouring on them (and reporters made blatant lies and framed pictures) - that means that Hezbollah won.

Well, if Hezbollah won, then why is Israel still standing today?

Hezbollah may have thousands of missiles to launch at Israel.  But Israel has a much stronger air and ground force.  With one swooping invasion into areas known to contain missiles, and through the use of airstrikes and bombs, the victory for Israel would be an easy one.

So why are they predicting the future before it happens?  All we have is historical precedents.  And history states that people have tried to destroy the Jews for the past 3,000 years, and have always failed.  This time it is no different.

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