Friday, October 7, 2011

How many times do Palestinians need to shout?

How many times do the Palestinians have to explicitly state their goal before the world wakes up?

Evelyn Gordon of Commentary Magazine:
If anyone still thinks the Palestinians seek a state that will live alongside Israel in peace, they should examine the map broadcast by the Palestinian Authority’s
official TV station the day after PA President Mahmoud Abbas formally applied for statehood at the UN. The station, as Palestinian Media Watch notes, is directly controlled by Abbas’ office. And here is its idea of statehood: a map showing all of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza wrapped in a Palestinian flag, with a giant key stabbed through it.
The dual message of the flag and the key – both symbols of ownership – couldn’t be clearer: It’s all ours, and we intend to take it back. But lest anyone have doubts, there are also Arabic words alongside to explain: According to PMW’s translation, they read “expelled,” “resolve” and “right to return.”

That map really says it all. But if anyone needs more convincing, they should visit the website of the PLO’s official UN mission. Since the statehood application was filed by the PLO, not the PA, what the PLO thinks matters. And lo and behold, it thinks its 1968 charter remains valid: Under the headline “Decisions and Actions Related to the Palestine National Charter” – where you’d expect to find the vaunted decision of the late 1990s to revoke the clauses that negate Israel’s existence – you instead find the unreconstructed 1968 version.
Read the rest here.

PMW is a great organization filled with tons of videos from Palestinian T.V. (including those that have to be approved by the PA and Abbas) that demonstrate the Palestinians' inner feelings and goals.  It really isn't so "inner" when they're explicitly stating it, but alas, the world refuses to listen to them.  Perhaps if the world would wake up - starting with Western journalists and media outlets - we'd actually be able to advance somewhere and realize what's the obstacle to peace instead of launching peace agreements that the Palestinians will always refuse.

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